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Cleaning HPL Panels in a Façade | Fundermax
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Cleaning HPL Panels in a Façade | Fundermax


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Based on a cleaning case of Max Exterior panels from Fundermax

After some years of installation, a façade with HPL panels could start showing a deteriorated appearance due to the presence of dirt. This is not the common case, as usually an HPL façade has the advantage of being cleaned in a natural way, just with the water of the rain and with a proper maintenance. Nevertheless, in some cases, this apparent deterioration can be caused by the existence of dirt traces that have been accumulated due to different reasons. The lack of cleaning after the installation can leave behind hand marks or fingerprints in the panels. On exposed fastening installations, it is also common to see that the rainwater leaking from outstanding screws or rivets, is leaving streaks of dirt. Humidity can also be sometimes visible showing areas of condensation.

When things like these happen, the façade may not look good anymore. Fortunately, cleaning a façade made with HPL panels, can be really easy to do by using some very basic products. The result of it is a façade, which looks as new as its first day.

Products that you might need include are glass cleaner, Soap (ratio of 1:3), acetone, Goo Gone®, cleaning vinegar (Acidic Acid 10%) and water

Before After
Before cleaning After cleaning a sample

The whole process can be done in just a few steps. Products like acetone can be used without damaging the surface, as HPL is non-porous and extremely resistant.

To show how to clean an HPL façade, we have developed a document in which we explain the process, step-by-step, with pictures that show the evolution, based on a real case.

This is the case of a façade that was installed in 2015 and needed to be cleaned in 2019, when it was showing a deteriorated look, due to two main reasons. The three facts mentioned above, unfortunately converged. On the other hand, the lack of maintenance during the years, caused a non-desired appearance. As you can see in this case study, it was only a matter of how it looked. Once a piece of the façade was cleaned, the HPL panel looked completely new.

See the process step by step>>

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