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Metal Panels - Bespoke Finishes | Pure + FreeForm
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Metal Panels - Bespoke Finishes | Pure + FreeForm

  • Use

    Interior or exterior
  • Applications

    Facades, soffits, canopies, roofs, screen walls, column cover, interior walls, ceilings, hollow-metal doors, millwork, signage
  • Characteristics

    Lightweight, weather-resistant, rigid, flat (no oil canning), single skin, non-combustible, 100% recyclable, low maintenance, VOC free, Red List free, made from at least 20% recycled content
  • Format

    Sheet, panel
  • Colors

  • Sizes

    Width: 48" | Height: up to 177"
  • Certification

    Class A Fire Rating
  • Guarantee

    20-year Warranty

More about this product

Pure + FreeForm are experts in creating bespoke finishes in metal panels for projects. Materials create spatial experiences via contextual and purposeful design. Pure + FreeForm celebrate the semiotic nature of what metals mean in different localities and how the language of metals absorbs meanings. Pure + FreeForm believe that a manufacturer’s role in the industry is to provide architects and interior designers with the means to create a built environment that both respond to, and extends a local identity.

Pure + FreeForm are unique in their design-first approach and in their ability to offer custom finishes at an affordable price. Pure + FreeForm offer designers the opportunity to create a unique, site-specific finish for no additional fee. Pattern, color, gloss, texture, and scale can all be subject to change or modification.

Pure + FreeForm works closely with designers to see their vision become reality. Throughout the design process, they create physical samples for review and approval. If it’s not perfect, they continue to adjust the design until it meets the specification and design intent.

Here, you will find a collection of various custom finishes developed by Pure + FreeForm over the years:

Bespoke Finish - Amagansett Blue Bespoke Finish - Nomad Steel Bespoke Finish - 655 NY
Amagansett Blue Nomad Steel 655 NY
Bespoke Finish - Canopy Brass Bespoke Finish - Tan Patina undefined
Canopy Bras Tan Patina Playa Gold
Bespoke Finish - Dirty Penny Bespoke Finish - Midnight Steel Bespoke Finish - Slate Wave
Dirty Penny Midnight Steel Slate Wave
Bespoke Finish - Taco Shell Bespoke Finish - Twilight Bronze Bespoke Finish - Washington Steel
Taco Shell Twilight Bronze Washington Steel
Bespoke Finish - Venetian Plaster Bespoke Finish - Variegated Zebra Honed Limestone Bespoke Finish - Civic Steel
Venetian Plaster Variegated Zebra Honed Limestone Civic Steel
Bespoke Finish - Carmel Ovangkol undefined Bespoke Finish
Carmel Ovangkol Muntz Hairline Harbor Steel

Pure + FreeForm offers different levels of design and customization for finishes.

  • Option 1: Select a finish from a current collection and specify it as-is, ready to use. When time is of the essence, these pre-designed finishes allow for shorter lead times.
  • Option 2: Redesign a finish to any specifications using a finish from a current collection as a base. Any finish on the Pure + FreeForm website is fully customizable.
  • Option 3: Match a finish to a physical sample. Send Pure + FreeForm a physical sample of any material, even non-metals, to be matched for color, gloss, texture, pattern, or design.
  • Option 4: Design a finish from scratch to match almost any specifications. Work with Pure + FreeForm to turn a vision for material into reality.

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