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How to Design for Brand Identity | Pure+FreeForm | Pure + FreeForm
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How to Design for Brand Identity | Pure+FreeForm | Pure + FreeForm

  • Use

    Interior or exterior finishes and cladding panels
  • Applications

    Facades, soffits, canopies, roofs, screen walls, column cover, interior walls, ceilings, hollow-metal doors, millwork, signage
  • Characteristics

    Lightweight, weather-resistant, rigid, single skin, non-combustible, 100% recyclable, low maintenance, VOC free, Red List free, made from at least 20% recycled content
  • Format

    Sheet, panel
  • Colors

    Any Pure + FreeForm collection finish / any custom designed finish
  • Sizes

    Width: 48" | Height: up to 177"
  • Certification

    Class A Fire Rating
  • Guarantee

    20-year Warranty

More about this product

Through storefront materiality, brands have used logos to become increasingly iconic and recognizable. Thus, the use of color, finish, and texture to create curated facades is a great way to ensure customers have a memorable first impression.

With Pure+FreeForm customizable metal cladding, brands can create a striking storefront facade. Cladding systems are available in customizable colors and finishes, allowing brands to match or complement their color scheme and other site materials. For both Starbucks and Adidas, Pure+FreeForm developed custom finishes in minimalist, industrial tones that allow their iconic logos to pop. The finishes have a dynamic physical texture which is visible at a distance yet remains subtle.



For storefronts, a durable plate panel system is recommended. Wet Seal plate panels are ideal for storefronts because they pair well with glazing systems where panels and windows meet. These images show Wet Seal plate panels used in wall and fascia cladding for West Elm and a pool restaurant at the Hard Rock. Both materials are emissions free and have a Class A Fire Rating.



An industry standard, Rivetless plate panels are typically large format and heavy gauge. They are ideal for storefronts because they resist deflection and can be engineered to resist the most extreme wind load environments. Pure+FreeForm panels are made from solid core aluminum and paired with an AAMA 2605 rated finish that will resist UV degradation, chemical exposure, fading, and chalking, ideal for exterior applications, such as Long Beach Exchange storefront.



Product Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Weather-resistant
  • Rigid, flat
  • Single skin
  • Low maintenance

Product Features

  • Customizable
  • 20-Year warranty
  • Non-combustible
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Resists UV degradation & corrosion
  • Resists chemical exposure
  • Sustainable

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