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Custom Metal Cladding on Facebook Spring District | Pure + FreeForm
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Custom Metal Cladding on Facebook Spring District | Pure + FreeForm

  • Use

    Corrugated metal panels
  • Applications

    Custom facade cladding, exterior
  • Characteristics

    Lightweight, weather-resistant, rigid, single skin, non-combustible, 100% recyclable, low maintenance, VOC free
  • Format

    Corrugated panels
  • Sizes

    Width: 48" | Height: up to 177"
  • Certification

    Class A Fire Rating
  • Guarantee

    20-year Warranty

More about this product

This Facebook office is a new addition to the Spring District neighborhood of Washington State. The building is an 8-acre campus that advances the connection between work and nature, prioritizing sustainability and harmony between the office and the natural environment.

The structure uses mechanical doors to integrate the indoor and outdoor spaces, while exterior staircases and walkways allow circulation between different sections of the building. The fluidity between spaces and large windows maximizes natural light and access to the outdoors for employees.

Corrugated Cladding Facade | Pure+Freeform

Facade Design

Pure+Freeform designed and fabricated custom corrugated metal panels to clad the facade. The tight-profile Shark Tooth corrugation gives the facade texture while maintaining a strong connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The panels are finished in the custom colors Washington Steel and Twilight Bronze, referencing the company's strong and creative history. The corrugated panels give Facebook’s Spring District office space a modern facade while ensuring sustainable benefits such as recyclable materials.

Custom Corrugated Panel Benefits

Pure+Freeform's custom corrugated panel system provides unique textures for individual projects. The panels can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, as seen in the facade of Facebook's office space. The benefits of this cladding solution include:

  • Lightweight
  • Weather-resistant
  • Rigid, flat
  • Single skin
  • Low maintenance

Project Details

Year 2021
Area 400,000 ft2
Product Used Custom Corrugated Panel System

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